HomeZone® Silver Crushed Diamante Mirrored Glass Jewellery Box with Black Velvet Box Jewellery Storage Chest Diamante Box Jewelry Women Trinket Drawers Organiser Boxes Makeup


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A attractive, diamante, mirrored jewellery container. Truly an ideal addition to any home ornament and the superb means to save your accepted; jewellery, make up, mementos and keepsakes. Add a splash of sparkly class to your employer and maintain your jewelry tidy and organised with this amazing jewellery container. Delightful Diamante Element This attractive, mirrored, jewellry container includes an attractive diamante diamond impact within the lid to add a splash of class to your dressing desk. Watch because the easy bounces off and flickers. This actually is a fantastic means to maintain your jewelry secure and organised, in a container it truly is as sparkly as your jewelry. Read more Amazing Storage Answer This based overwhelmed diamond mirrored jewellery container is made with a wooden interior, covered in black velvet, the outdoor is coated in mirrored glass and the suitable has an incredibly unique, stunning overwhelmed diamanté diamond conclude. Fully working lid held open by using silk straps. Velvet Lined Indoors The interior of this attractive jewellery container has been lined with black velvet and has quite a lot of house to store jewelry or nick nacks and so on. Whatever you see healthy, there is room for it interior this remarkable jewellery container. Specifics This attractive mirrored diamond jewellery container measures in at 21cm lengthy, 13cm large, and is 9cm in peak (approx). The space for storing interior the jewellery container measures in at 19.5cm lengthy, 11cm large and has a depth of 5.5cm (approx).

  • MIRRORED JEWELLERY Container – This Silver Overwhelmed Diamante Mirrored Glass Jewellery Container With Black Velvet Inlay is the most advantageous luxe accent for any dresser and storage of your entire trinkets and keepsakes. This amazing Container is surest to your Jewelry Storage and an ideal little Chest to cover away precious items.
  • USES – This Amazing Luxury Overwhelmed Diamante Jewellery Container Is Superb For Keeping Jewelry secure and organised. With a classy decorative utterly working opening suitable lid and a special Overwhelmed Glass Diamanté Surface, this Jewellery Container Is Functional As Smartly As Including Charm And grace To Your Bedside Cupboard Or Dressing Desk. Ideal for smaller pieces comparable to jewelry, your accepted ring, necklaces and bracelets.
  • MATERIAL – This Based Overwhelmed Diamond Mirrored Jewellery Container Is Made With A Wooden Interior, Covered In Black Velvet, The Outdoor Is Coated In Mirrored Glass And The Suitable Has An incredibly Unique, Stunning Overwhelmed Diamanté Diamond Entire. Fully Working Lid Held Open By using 2 Silk Straps.
  • DESIGN – This High Element Superb Mirrored Jewellery Container Is Created To The Highest Average Of Design And Nice. Easy To Clear Mirrored Glass Covers The Outdoor Of The Container, With A classy Overwhelmed Diamond Entire Lid. The Interior Has Been Lined With Black Velvet And Features Loads of House To Store Jewelry Or Nick Nacks And so on. Whatever You See Healthy, There Is A lot Space Interior.
  • DIMENSIONS – This Attractive Mirrored Diamond Jewellery Container Measures In At 21cm Lengthy, 13cm Large, And Is 9cm In Peak (approx). The Space for storing Interior The Jewellery Container Measures In At 19.5cm Lengthy, 11cm Large And Has A Depth Of 5.5cm (approx).
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MIRRORED JEWELLERY BOX – This Silver Crushed Diamante Mirrored Glass Jewellery Box With Black Velvet Inlay is the ultimate luxe accessory for any dresser and storage of all your trinkets and keepsakes. This stunning Box is ideal for your Jewellery Storage and a perfect little Chest to hide away precious pieces.

















HomeZone® Silver Crushed Diamante Mirrored Glass Jewellery Box with Black Velvet Box Jewellery Storage Chest Diamante Box Jewelry Women Trinket Drawers Organiser Boxes Makeup

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