Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Low Viscosity UV Resistant Non-toxic Art Casting Bubble Free – 1 L


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Multi Aim Package

  • Moulding, Casting, Potting, Encasing.
  • Laminating, Adhesion, Wood
  • Marine, Boat, Yacht, Bicycle, Motorbike
  • Art, Paintings/Crafts, Jewellery, Stone coat
  • Home Decorations
  • Floors (garages, indoor, garden paths, penny flooring)
  • Tables (kitchen tops, garden tables, countertop, bars, wooden desk)


  • How a whole lot will I want for a surface enviornment?

A accepted rule is that 1kg of epoxy = 1m2 = 1mm thick layer. 

  • Epoxy Resin and Shade Pigments

To obtain full colouration (i.e. a strong colour all the way through), you would need four% in pigments of the burden of the epoxy resin used. So when you are the usage of 1kg of resin, you would want 40g of pigments.

  • The Curing Time

Epoxy resin undergoes a curing method, which is a chemical manifestation. It isn’t a drying time. The curing method of epoxy resin is without delay regarding the surrounding environment temperature. Note: We don’t advocate carrying a task with epoxy resin in bloodless temperatures.

Curing time estimates:

At 20C = 12-24 hours

At 25C = 9-12 hours

Getting the Appropriate Outcomes

Here, we briefly spotlight one of the most commonest mistakes that can cause non-curing of the resin and/or now not getting a transparent conclude:

  • High Humidity: In damp and humid situations, moisture can seep into the resin while it’s curing, which can cause the cured resin searching cloudy or blotchy or having fractures. Keep the enviornment dry and heat (turn the heating or a heating fan on), prior to beginning the task and hold it on for the primary few hours.
  • Incorrect 1:1 Mixing Ratio: If the combination ratio is inaccurate, the resin will not treatment. Weigh with digital scales.

    • ✅ BEAUTIFUL Influence: Designed to look wonderful and be strong and sturdy. Clear. Glossy. Shiny. Thick. Solid. Hard. Pro. Craft Resin raises the elegance and cost of some thing it be used on!
    • ✅ ALL In a single Package: This package will provide you every little thing you deserve to get all started with Craft Resin; reusable mixing stick and gloves
    • ✅ CRYSTAL CLEAR: Cures clear to a pitcher-like conclude.
    • ✅ EASY To make use of: Craft Resin is self-leveling, its 1:1 mixing ratio, simply combine 2 materials with the aid of weight.
    • ✅ SAFE: Craft Resin is Non-toxic. No VOCs. No solvents. Odorless. Non-flammable. Non-hazardous
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    Additional information


    Kitchen & Home


    Craft Resin


    Craft Resin


    1 L


    Craft Resin






    Craft Resin


    Craft Resin




    ✅ BEAUTIFUL RESULT: Designed to look gorgeous and be strong and durable. Clear. Glossy. Shiny. Thick. Solid. Hard. Pro. Craft Resin increases the attractiveness and value of whatever it's used on!




    Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Low Viscosity UV Resistant Non-toxic Art Casting Bubble Free – 1 L

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