Educational Toys [4D AR VR] Kids Toys Encyclopedia Card Preschool Toys with 68 Magic Animal Cards and 13 Languages Learning by Playing Children Toys for 0-12 Learning Toys perfect for Gift


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Card content material:

❣ Terrestrial Animals: 1. Tiger 2. Elephant three. Wolf four. Cat 5. Dog 6. Cow 7. Horse eight. Sheep 9. Rhinoceros 10. Deer eleven. Zebra 12. Crocodile thirteen. Hippo 14. Mouse
15. Polar bear sixteen Lizard 17. goat 18. snake 19. camel 20. frog 21. lion 22. rabbit 23. monkey 24. Panda

❣ Flying animals: 1. Eagle 2. Owls three. Seagulls four. Pigeons 5. Sparrows 6. Crows 7. Bat eight. Parrot 9. Crane 10. Penguin eleven. Cock 12. Ducks thirteen. Dragon

❣ Marine animals: 1. starfish 2. dolphins three. whales four. squid 5. sharks 6. clownfish 7. lion fish eight. devil fish 9. turtle 10. jellyfish eleven. hippocampus 12. Crabs

❣ Insects: 1. Ant 2. Butterfly three. Cockroach four. Spider 5. Scorpion 6. Mantis 7. Seven Big name Ladybugs eight. Hornets 9. Dragonfly

❣ Dinosaurs: 1. cattle dragon 2. spine again dragon three. Jianlong four. triangular dragon 5. Tyrannosaurus rex dragon 6. Raptors 7. A dragon eight. thunder dragon
9. Vice chunk dragon 10. Pterosaurs

For safeguard, children from zero to six years need to be used these cards beneath the supervision of fogeys.

  • [Latest technology of 4D♥AR♥VR] FKANT Flashcards use slicing-edge expertise. Just should use your smartphone to down load an APP, a range of 3D animals and insects could be unfolded earlier than the babies’s eyes. Thank for the 4D AR expertise, you can use your smart telephone to take a photograph with the animals.
  • [♥ 68 Magical Animal and 13 Languages] More statement, more adventure, Learning with Enjoyable! 68 diverse animal playing cards together with 12 marine animals, 24 terrestrial animals, 9 bugs, 13 flying animals and 10 dinosaurs. You can also choose thirteen diverse languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese And standard Chinese language)
  • [♥ Learning and Playing] Let babies use hand, eyes and ear to stimulate babies’s creativeness, ability to differentiate and cognitive capacity. Vivid animal picture and pure pronunciation, the more babies ought to play, the extra they be taught.
  • [♥ VR Mode] You can use the playing cards mixed with VR gadget. Through the VR gadget you can completely fingers free, the animal could be extra vividly and realty. Through the sight to align the yellow dots, you can adventure the animal walking perspective. A wide range of studying methods, make the studying no longer boring anymore!
  • [♥ Perfect Gift] The Flashcards is ultimate for children zero-6 years ancient. When the infant’s language capacity are within the developmental stage, This Flashcards can promote the construction of babies’s language capacity. It’s ultimate for Christmas existing, Birthday existing.
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[Latest technology of 4D♥AR♥VR] FKANT Flashcards use cutting-edge technology. Just need to use your smartphone to download an APP, a variety of 3D animals and insects will be unfolded before the children's eyes. Thank for the 4D AR technology, you can use your smart phone to take a photo with the animals.


















Educational Toys [4D AR VR] Kids Toys Encyclopedia Card Preschool Toys with 68 Magic Animal Cards and 13 Languages Learning by Playing Children Toys for 0-12 Learning Toys perfect for Gift

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