6 x A4 Flexible Magnetic Sheets 0.5mm for Spellbinder Dies/Cutting/Craft/Arts


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6 x A4 Magnet Sheets A4 in measurement (297mm x 210mm)

0.5mm thick, nice and skinny for lighter crafting applications

Very bendy – awesome for making your personal magnets

In addition to creating fridge magnets, these sheets are a stupendous answer to storing and organising your metallic dies! They will also be reduce and gap-punched so that you can area your dies into folders, making them far simpler to organise and find. Keeping your dies protected, tidy and helps steer clear of any loss or harm to your marvelous assortment! We suggest if getting used to keep dies, due to the bendy nature of the product, you will need to connect some stiff card to the non-magnetic facet.

Each roll has a pull drive of 23g per cm2 making it ultimate for lighter crafting actions. These sheets are very handy to reduce with scissors and might effortlessly be reduce down to diverse sizes if required.

Please notice, people very regularly buy this fabric without totally realizing what it’s used for. We’d identical to to make an effort to allow you to be aware of that this fabric is for making magnets with, and even though it is ‘magnetic’, it is not appropriate to be used as a magnetically receptive floor, like a fridge is for instance. You would require a rubberised metal sheet (or ferrous) which can even be present in our keep.

We don’t suggest these sheets for use for showing magnets, we have bendy rubber metallic sheets in our keep which might be more appropriate for this, they will also be discovered right here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07282FJXG

For information on Start instances and Price, please seek advice from The Fridge Magnet Store’s Phrases & Conditions on this website.

  • A4 Simple Magnetic Sheets – great for die storage and spellbinders, 0.5mm thick, 6 sheets.
  • Thin And versatile – Lightweight sheets that may not overwhelm your storage, however as a result of the bendy nature of those sheets, we recommend including stiff card to the non-magnetic facet.
  • For DIY crafts and making your personal fridge magnets – please notice that these sheets aren’t self-adhesive and so your personal glue could be required.
  • Can be used as Junior Magnetic Placement MatNOT appropriate for showing or retaining different magnets, please examine the full merchandise description for additional details and suggestions.
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A4 Plain Magnetic Sheets – great for die storage and spellbinders, 0.5mm thick, 6 sheets.


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6 x A4 Flexible Magnetic Sheets 0.5mm for Spellbinder Dies/Cutting/Craft/Arts

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